Target Of An Office Bully? Here’s What To Do

There will always be bullies in the workplace. And usually, they will target you if you are a newcomer or if they see you as a threat to their career advancement. Sometimes, they will even target you only because your values are not aligned with theirs. There could be so many ridiculous reasons for this behavior.  But whatever those reasons (or excuses) are, there are many ways to stop or prevent bullying in the workplace. In this article for today, we will talk about some of the things you can do. We will also talk about the methods that you are probably better off dismissing. Let’s begin.

What not to do: confront the bully

Many people think that confronting the bully or bullying in the workplace laws is a good way to stop their abusive behavior. Well, this is not always true. In fact, it can even make things worse. You see, the negative traits of bullies are already established in their characters. It is in their being. It’s who they are. They will not easily change it. In most circumstances, confronting the bully will just make them become more aggressive towards you.

What to do instead: be objective

In the face of coercion, it is better to remain calm and be objective. Stay professional and grounded. Don’t unleash your rage even if you badly want to. There are some bullies who just want to see you lose your cool. If you still can, try to remain unaffected. Don’t respond to their provocations. In discussions, stay objective and try to call their bluff. Eventually, they might realize that their attempts to provoke you are just useless.

What not to do: go to HR

Most companies would probably tell you to go to the HR department if you’re having problems with a coworker. Well, it’s good if they have actual policies that can protect you in this situation. However, if there are none, then it is best not to approach HR. Why? You see, to be completely honest, HR cannot do anything. They are not decision makers. They are just employees too. They are not obliged to protect you or defend you from a workplace bully. There are many times when HR would just tell the bully that you have a problem with him or her. That doesn’t really solve the problem, does it?

What to do instead: gain access to power

It is better show the bully that you have access to power. This will tell the bully that you are in the position to possibly damage their character. How do you do this? First, work on establishing your credibility and making your contributions known to the people in power. If possible, join a higher level project where you can make a contribution. If that’s not yet possible, then just interact more with the powerful and influential people during social gatherings. This will give you the access to power. And it’s what you need to fend off workplace bullies.